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Most software companies do not allow you try out their programs before you buy them. They may give you a flashy slide show for free, but not a working evaluation copy of the software. We on the other hand provide you with working copies of NeuroSolutions products that will allow you to design, train and test a neural network with your own data.

This download includes NeuroSolutions for MATLAB. Please complete the form below and click the submit button at the bottom. After your submission is verified, you will be given your download options.

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NeuroSolutions for MATLAB

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Windows Vista and Later Users:
To install NeuroSolutions and/or NeuroSolutions for MATLAB with the appropriate privileges right-click on the downloaded executable and choose the option "Run as Administrator".

*NeuroSolutions Accelerator can be enabled by going to the Tools menu, selecting Options and under Parallel Computing check Accelerator Enabled

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System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP: Service Pack 3
Windows Vista: No additional requirements
Windows 7: No additional requirements
Windows 8: No additional requirements
System Requirements
Disk Space: 800MB Free Space
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Compatible or Greater
Evaluation Restrictions
The Network Weights cannot be saved.
The Network Output cannot be written to a file.
Software will expire 30-days after installation.

NeuroDimension, Inc. announces the release of NeuroSolutions 6.31!

"BTW, love the product. To keep current, I've tried others and nothing even comes close to the power, performance, flexibility and ease of use. You also have the best tech support on the planet."
- John Wester, CTO, Net Shepherd, Inc.