Step 1: Creating a neural network

The easiest way to create a neural network using NeuroSolutions for MATLAB is to type the following command within the MATLAB interface.

    >> mynet = nsNN;
The preceding command creates the default network, a one hidden layer Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), which is the most popular neural network among engineers and researchers worldwide. All the settings for the network are set to well-researched defaults, putting the neural network in a “good-to-go” state after entering just one simple command.


Other parameters that depend on your actual data are set when the data is passed to the train function (nsTrain). For example, the ideal number of neurons (processing elements) in the hidden layer of the neural network is computed from the data using a proprietary formula. Thus, the intricacies involved in setting up a neural network are automatically taken care of, allowing the user to concentrate on solving the problem at hand.

Here you have seen how to create the default MLP network. Many other neural networks and learning algorithms are available within NeuroSolutions for MATLAB. See the Product Summary for complete information.

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