NeuroSolutions for Education

NeuroDimension has always been a strong supporter of the academic community with our educational discounts and various bundle options. We also realize that not all university budgets are created equal and so we set out to design our Academic Bundles to fit within varying budgets while offering tremendous savings to our educational customers!

We offer two great options for students and faculty wanting to use NeuroSolutions for projects or in their classrooms. First is our standard educational discount of 20% off individual purchases by simply using promo code 20EDU during your checkout. The other is through our fully-customizable Academic Bundles.

Academic Bundles are tailored to meet the needs of small research groups all the way up to large university computer labs. With the complete array of NeuroSolutions products at your finger tips users are able to analyze, design and deploy their solutions for both 32- or 64-bit Windows operating systems. In addition to the software, users will receive educational resources including registrations for up to 10 participant for the Online Neural Network Course as well as one year of Software Maintenance Service to cover support questions and secure free minor and major releases of the software that cost to upgrade.

To request a quote for a customized Academic Bundle please contact us or speak with someone instantly via our online chat!

Sample Academic Bundle #1

Bundles Designed for an Individual Student or Researcher
Includes the following:
  • NeuroSolutions Infinity (8) Processor License
  • 1 NeuroSolutions Pro License
  • 1 NeuroSolutions Accelerator License
  • 1 NeuroSolutions Infinity QuickDeploy License
  • 1 C++ Code Generation for Windows License
  • 1 Year of Software Maintenance Service1
  • That is a Savings of almost 60%!